A CFO plays a critical role as your business partner on the management team. Her single most important responsibility is to create shareholder value and to protect the long-term health of the company.

The best outsourced CFO:

  • offers strategic business advice that is economically sound and maximizes cash returns.  Proposed solutions are fact-based, vetted, and anticipatory. Understanding the competitive dynamics of the company and its market is imperative.
  • brings operations expertise. A good accountant can lend invaluable insight into existing business processes to ensure they are streamlined and fully capture transactions in an orderly way.  
  • protects assets and minimizes risk. This concept applies to both the physical and intangible assets of the organization as well as to the employees.  
  • acts as a business catalyst. As your business changes, you need anticipatory thinking.  An exemplary CFO will shape the larger organization to incorporate shareholder value thinking in all the decision making.