Finance & Accounting

Finance & Accounting Consulting:  A rich resource, on-demand.

WNC affords your CFO the additional bandwidth needed during stretched periods, providing high-level expertise for special situations. Consider us your affordable resource to ensure the successful outcome of critical projects. We manage special projects while you, the CFO, manage the business.

Chiefly, WNC provides senior-level talent at a reasonable cost on a flexible basis. Our skills and broad experience allow us to understand quickly and objectively what needs to be accomplished, collect pertinent feedback from those affected, and develop a plan of action to move forward.

A typical CFO is chronically stretched from the normal demands of a business. When special projects, such as the Annual Operating Plan, Strategic Plan, audit, or board meeting is layered on, the CFO is out of capacity for making resource choices.

An expert finance & accounting consultant performs:

  • Strategic planning and competitive analysis.
  • Profitability analysis.
  • The development necessary for the annual operating plan.
  • The role of an external expert, bringing fact-based objectivity to existing plans for debt refinancing, capital investments, or new lines of business.
  • The duties necessary for creating lasting, positive relationships with investors.
  • Accounting and budgeting systems evaluations.
  • Operations analysis and review.